Travels with Phil - Exceptional painting locations

Watercolours from France by Canadian Artist and Teacher, Wilma Pinkus
"Hay Stacks in the Hills – Portugal"

Because of my husband Phil’s work, we had opportunities that allowed both of us to travel to the most wonderful, colourful and beautiful sites in countries like Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

I would not normally have had the opportunity to visit and paint in such exceptionally extraordinary locations.

This influenced us to travel to other countries like Portugal and Israel. The unique cultures and colours within the landscapes are visible in my paintings.

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." Pablo Picasso

The pictures that I have created show the scenery with a glimpse into my interpretation of a day spent surrounded by the atmosphere in the fields or the valleys or by the sea. My palette changed in every country, every vista had its own play of colours, the tonal values are represented in the glowing light of a beach, or the earthy warmth in the haze of an afternoon, or in the cool shadows of a mountain. This is my diary with watercolour washes of my vivid memories.

Gallery - Watercolour paintings from our travels

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